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QR code application brings inspiration to the industry


I believe that people in the IoT logo industry are using the QR code to carry out product tracking, warehousing and logistics, anti-counterfeiting and anti-counterfeiting. In the current view, the maximization of the two-dimensional code is to help enterprises create a good market order. The circulation, logistics, and authenticity of the products provide guarantees. However, in practical applications, the main body of food safety traceability is the enterprise, and the food enterprise is the responsible person of food safety. The QR code application uses information as the carrier and combines powerful Internet service background. The system fully brings inspiration to the demand industry.

N fact, the application of QR code has been promoted by many media many years ago, and many printer manufacturers are optimistic about its development prospects. Manufacturers have begun to develop and produce coding equipment and application equipment for QR code, QR code and spray. The code machine industry is inseparable. It is a general trend to apply the QR code to each physical product. The inkjet coding machine is used as a medium to give product information in the form of two-dimensional code, which is a convenient and economical means of identification.

The application of QR code will further enhance the technology of the marking industry. For the important identification device of marking equipment, the printing of two-dimensional code is no longer a problem. The printer enters the user's field of vision earlier, in terms of operation and use. It also has a certain habit, and has become a necessary equipment for packaging identification in the production of products. In terms of product variable two-dimensional code, many manufacturers at home and abroad can do it, if the variable QR code that requires identification has a 100% reading rate.

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