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What is the difference between traditional printing and digital printing? Let's take a case study for you


 As questions asked, let's look at two examples. Nongfu Spring is the tea beverage product of the young consumer group. The product packaging design is eye-catching with colorful illustrations. The new packaging upgrade still uses the illustration theme, which is slightly more obvious. The naive illustration has been upgraded, the picture is more imaginative, and the colors and elements are more fashionable and younger. Nowadays, the fast-moving consumer goods market is fiercely competitive. For branded goods that fail to form a culture, it cannot rise to a higher level. It is difficult to retain consumers without product upgrades for a long time, so changing packaging can also be seen as solving aesthetic fatigue. This is the common phenomenon in the printing market. In terms of cost, the advantage of digital printing is that no plate making is required, thus eliminating the time required for plate making and plate making.And the traditional printing has many external influence factors, which may easily lead to color differences. Even the same batch of products may cause color inconsistency due to multiple ink additions.

 In addition to packaging design positioning young people, this element is not enough to win the market, this tea style packaging design has its own flavor, each has its own story to retain consumers. When the new product goes on sale, the marketing activities can't be less [uncover the red envelope], as long as you buy the [cover cover win red envelope] activity tea π drink with the QR code on the WeChat scanning bottle cap to randomly extract the red envelope, while the traditional Printing cannot be done with variable data printing. In terms of variable data printing, traditional brushes require variable data printing by means of online or offline combined printing, while digital printing machines can add variable data to a specified position when inputting a document. print.In variable data printing, traditional brushes need to use online or offline combination printing to achieve variable data printing, while digital printers only need to add variable data to the designated position when they input manuscripts, and can print with patterns.

When a company launches a new product or initially conducts marketing, the product quantity is small and it is not suitable to use traditional printing. With digital printing, you only need to set the manuscript to the format that the device can recognize. After adjusting the required size and layout, you can directly input it into the color digital printing system for printing. The manuscript can be printed on the same day, and the printed matter can be printed on the same day. Cost savings. There are many different factors between traditional printing and digital printing.The main reason is that small batch and personalized printing have realized industrial production, and more entrepreneurs have seen new directions and new business opportunities.

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