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Color digital printing system is worthy of everyone's choice


With the product richness and technological advancement, the world of logos constantly changes the original product pattern. In the eyes of users of the products, this is very convenient because they have more product choice space. The color digital printing system has been widely used so far. The color makes the world colorful. By printing special LOGO, QR code, brand name and trademark pattern on the product or packaging, it is conducive to product identification and breaks through the bottleneck of digital printing technology. It is worth everyone's choice.

The color digital printing system can support white ink to be directly printed on the printing substrate, without the need to use a white background, or to print a partial glazing effect on the white substrate; the printing material can utilize existing materials without coating treatment ( It is recommended to do pre-press processing first; after high-level nozzles, controllable leveling printing can print high-quality images and images; AROJET inkjet printers supply color printing systems to support variable data production, not only Edit variable data (such as QR code, barcode, text, etc.) from CSV file, and also support variable images in BMP, TIFF, JPG and other formats, which is more convenient for users.

AROJET color digital printing system supports roll-to-roll paper feeding mode, working by inkjet printing, piezoelectric nozzle, resolution 600*600dpi, 600*1200dpi, effective printing width 220mm, general printing 220*2000mm, variable The data is 220*400mm, the use of environmentally friendly ink, the installation of UV curing equipment, manual design - document output - digital printing - die-cutting workflow, to achieve the peace of mind for small and medium-sized enterprises to buy, with peace of mind.

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