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What does the widespread use of QR code inkjet printers bring to enterprises?

by:Arojet     2021-09-22
The rapid development of industry has brought opportunities to more industries, and inkjet printers are one of them. More and more companies pay more attention to product quality and safety and traceability issues. Therefore, inkjet printer identification has become the first choice. With inkjet equipment The technology continues to mature, and its applications in many industries are becoming more and more extensive. Since the label application involves a wide range of industries, it can cover everything from clothing, food, housing, transportation, etc., so you can also choose various types of inkjet printers according to the needs of different industries' product identification content according to the application of inkjet printers in different industries. At the moment, we can find it in many packaging bags and it is also very common. In the Internet age, QR codes can be said to be widely used in China, especially in the era of smart phones, almost everyone has one or more mobile phones. Therefore, in daily life, two-dimensional codes are used as payment, two-dimensional codes are used to identify enterprise manufacturer information, or two-dimensional codes are used for marketing promotion, etc., which have greatly promoted the birth of QR code inkjet printers. development of. Of course, in actual application, the two-dimensional code printer can not only print two-dimensional codes, but also can be used to print dates, batch numbers, patterns, text, barcodes, graphics, tables, counters, databases, etc. in real time. It can be used to print a variety of variable data QR codes, variable data barcodes, color QR codes, rainbow codes and other information content. In other words, you only need to buy a two-dimensional code inkjet printer, you can easily achieve a variety of printing skills. Moreover, the two-dimensional code printer not only outperforms other ordinary printers in terms of skills, but also has a recognition rate of more than 90%. The accuracy is high, the code assignment speed is fast, and it can also be used at high speeds. Stable printing out of high-precision coded information. It can be seen that the two-dimensional code inkjet printer has played an extremely important role as a commonly used marking equipment in daily industrial production. The two-dimensional code uv printing machine can realize the perfect transformation of one thing and one code, and it can also realize the relay from offline marketing to online Internet marketing, which enriches the marketing model.
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