What convenient functions does the UV inkjet printer bring to enterprises?

by:Arojet     2021-09-17
In our daily life, the specific dates, barcodes, QR codes, batch numbers and other information on various products, various foods, various beverages, and various cosmetics that can be seen everywhere are realized by inkjet printers. . The UV inkjet printers that have appeared in recent years can be said to be more popular in all major industries. So what effect has its appearance brought to our lives? The emergence of UV inkjet printers can help companies solve the problem of anti-counterfeiting and traceability of products, and at the same time can improve the recognition rate and work efficiency of products, and can also reduce certain costs in production. For some manufacturers, marking a unique label on the product can better distinguish it from other manufacturers, and the content printed by the UV inkjet printer can include variable data QR codes and variable data Information such as bar codes. It can reduce the probability of a company's brand being anti-counterfeit. UV inkjet printers are mainly concentrated in beverage, beer, mineral water and other industries, but are also involved in industries such as wire and cable, non-staple food, cigarettes, and batteries. In recent years, the market for inkjet printers has developed rapidly, and advanced UV inkjet printers have The emergence of code technology has also made us more aware of the market demand for safety, green and environmental protection. The function of UV inkjet printer can not only make its production date clear, but also track potential problems and prevent counterfeiting. It plays an important role in preventing counterfeiting. It can be said that the food industry is an area where UV inkjet printers can show their talents. We all know that every product basically has a production batch number. The UV inkjet printer can mark the anti-counterfeiting number, factory name, specifications, etc. on the product. Especially for some foods, the inkjet printer prints the batch number production date directly on the product. On the product packaging, manufacturers and users can more intuitively understand the production date and shelf life of the food, so that customers can choose to buy the products they are satisfied with. However, the phenomenon of products being anti-counterfeit has never been solved at the root cause, so for product identification, the emergence of UV inkjet printers can prevent fakes from the source, which is a necessary gift for any company. Code equipment. If you want to inquire about the UV inkjet printer, you can directly enter the website and contact our engineers for understanding.
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