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What are the advantages of the handheld printer?

by:Arojet     2021-07-24
What is a handheld printer? There are a variety of coding equipment on the market, some of which are highly automated and some are not highly automated. Manual and manual operations are required to assign codes to products. The efficiency is low and the effect is relatively poor. Before understanding the price , We must first distinguish the type of manual inkjet printer. Hand-held inkjet printers, also called manual inkjet printers, portable printers, etc., actually refer to the identification equipment shown in the figure below, which is manually held and leveled on the surface of the product while pressing the button. When the synchronous wheel is moving, it will give the machine a print signal to realize synchronization and positioning coding. This kind of manual coding machine has a relatively large market share and a large number of customer groups. The reason is that the integrated design of the nozzle cartridge can be replaced when it is used up, which is more compact and flexible, more stable and easy to use, and the types of ink More, especially some customers whose output is relatively small and the material of the product is not a special type, will choose this kind of cost-effective coding equipment. The main advantage of the handheld inkjet printer is that it can print Chinese and English, numbers, bar codes, two-dimensional codes and other information, can edit complex pattern information, print distance is relatively short, manual operation, and easy to carry. Suitable for small-scale production enterprises packaging and product coding. The disadvantage is manual operation, time-consuming and labor-intensive, and large output is not suitable. The adhesion and effect of coding on some material products are not as good as small-character printers. The price is convenient and relatively cheap, which can meet the coding needs of small-scale enterprises.
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