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What are the advantages of food packaging bag inkjet printers?

by:Arojet     2021-08-01
Food packaging bag inkjet printer is a kind of equipment controlled by software for inkjet marking of food bags. With the continuous development of the food industry, food packaging has become more and more, so the technology of using food inkjet printers to code food packaging is also constantly improving, with more and more functions, and technical content and built-in Software such as text is becoming more and more powerful. Application in food packaging bag inkjet printer Oulance recommends choosing the new F540 inkjet printer. Its advantages mainly include the following aspects: industrial aesthetics and modular design, IP54 protection level, and improved machine stability. A new generation of operating system, with high-quality, standard two arbitrarily switched printing modes, to meet the needs of different industries. Food packaging bag inkjet printer F540 uses a separate adding pump to add ink and solvent, which effectively improves the stability of the ink system. The optimized and upgraded print head integrates modules such as heating, phase detection and amplification, positive air pressure output, high voltage insulation and print head valve suitable for pigment ink, which greatly improves the stability of the print head system. It has a rich selection of external interfaces such as serial port, network port, USB port, expandable input and output IO port, etc., which can be connected to computers, industrial computers, PLCs, code scanning guns, weighing instruments, etc., to achieve device interconnection, information exchange and mutual control. The most important thing about the new food packaging inkjet printer is energy saving. It can print 70 million characters per liter of ink consumption, and has low operating costs. The consumption of economical and practical consumables is only one-fifth of the traditional air source type. In addition to the application on food packaging bags, it can also be used in industries such as metal, wood, pipeline, plastic, glass, and building materials surfaces, with a wide range of applications.
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