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Western Europe market growth point of commercial ink-jet jet _ in the future

by:Arojet     2021-04-28
Takeaway: Western Europe in the future market? Inkjet may give you the future! Western Europe in the third quarter of this year, according to IDC, a new printing peripherals shipments for 5. 87 million, increased by 2% year-on-year. This is six straight quarterly growth in the region. However, this quarter of the total cost of the shipment continue to fall. According to introducing, the overall delivery rose 2 inkjet products. 8%. Among them, the business inkjet product growth for the outstanding, rose 10. 9%. The high speed period of sustained growth inkjet products is also more than one quarter. But consumer inkjet product market continues to shrink. Color laser products, especially color laser multi-function equipment shipment growth slightly, but the black and white products especially black and white monofunctional laser product shipped to reduce, as a result, the overall laser product shipped flat. In the whole printing peripherals shipment, all-in-one delivery rose by 2. And 8% of the overall shipments of 80. 8% share. Single-use product delivery fell by 1. 2%. In terms of area, the UK and Germany shipments rose 7 respectively. 8% and 3. 5%, while France fell 3. 3%. IDC analysts pointed out that, although Western Europe's overall printing peripherals shipment year-on-year growth this quarter did not reach double digits, but really reflect the steady growth of the region market, among them, the business of inkjet and color laser segment will become the future growth. China packaging net
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