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Waiting for the project examination and approval standard is expected to be a _ packaging machinery, ceramic inkjet ink policies and regulations

by:Arojet     2021-05-08
Introduction: on May 8 to 9, gathered from shandong dragon glaze new material technology co. , LTD. ( Hereinafter referred to as 'shandong hui dragon) Launch and undertake the ceramic inkjet ink standard workshop ended in zibo in shandong province. We have learned, at present, shandong hui dragon has been in the national standardization committee standards on building and sanitary ceramics under centralized management, preparing ceramic inkjet ink national standards set by the previous work. Now reporting standards committee wait for project approval, after the examination and approval by hui dragon company will lead to establish the national standards. China building sanitary ceramics association executive vice President of Xu Xiwu MiaoBin, deputy secretary-general and deputy secretary-general irmtraud fessen-henjes, the national standardization technical committee secretary general wang on building and sanitary ceramics, professor of jingdezhen ceramic institute Hu Fei, xianyang secretary-general Liu Xiaoyun designing institute, shandong hui dragon glaze new material technology co. , LTD. , chairman of JiWen, zibo TaoZheng Xu Dejun ceramic pigment co. , LTD. , general manager, foshan mindray technology co. , LTD. , manager Lin waves, guangzhou send le machinery equipment co. , LTD. , general manager of lanier, foshan Ming or-giraffe hai-yan MAO technology development co. , LTD. General manager, deputy general manager, guangdong kito ceramics co. , LTD. , vice general manager of Huang Huining, jiangsu rich Li Wanjing enterprise group deputy general manager, guangdong sanshui large hong Li Jiaduo system glaze co. , LTD. Manager, guangdong hongyu ceramics group marketing director, shandong China porcelain Kang Litai new material technology co. , LTD. , sales general manager chang tj, ferro ( Suzhou) New materials Co. , Ltd. China sales manager Tian Jiafeng, Guangdong Dowstone Technology Co. , ltd. technical manager Li Xiangyu, hope ceramic machinery equipment Co. , Ltd. , located in nanhai district, foshan city, the sales manager Deng Xinli etc. 26 people to attend the meeting. Conference, experts attending the meeting of the current ceramic inkjet ink industry standards issue discussed in-depth argument, and to agree on all the topics in the industry standard. At the same time, the delegates to determine the ceramic inkjet ink industry standard to make draft review site and date. According to the conference organizers, preliminary is scheduled for August 2015 ( Location to be determined) A standard review, which will attract more ink manufacturers and units are used to represent the participation. In recent years, the research and development and production of the ceramic inkjet ink developing rapidly, but there is no definite standard can refer to both at home and abroad, import ink can also to strict corporate standards as the basis, but not Chinese ink uniform standards, so each manufacturer's product index each are not identical, so easily to use the unit selection and use of extremely convenient, at the same time because of the lack of standard, also increase user confidence in the domestic ink application. Therefore, a suitable standard, evaluation, the advanced ceramic ink is the industry expected. The association standards for ceramic ink-jet printing ink, not only can solve the realistic problems of the industry, more important is to standardize market behavior, promote industry technology progress, promote industry overall technical ability. Shandong hui dragon chairman kyi said. It is understood that the shandong dragon is north of the Yangtze river region launched ceramic inkjet ink manufacturers, its ink since November 2012, with extremely high cost-effective products quickly occupied the northern half of ceramic production areas. JiWen introduction, as early as October 2014, its work ceramic inkjet ink industry standard of germination of the idea. The company led the industry standards for ceramic inkjet ink, after a number of industry experts and domestic multiple communication and negotiation, in April 2015 the landmark meeting agreed, and the ink more than domestic manufacturers and use customer's positive response and support, the project has entered the national standardization committee on building and sanitary ceramics, project examination and approval procedures. China packaging net
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