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VIM will JT inkjet print material directly launched in March

by:Arojet     2021-05-01
< P > a few days ago, Israel VIM technology co. , LTD. ( VIM技术有限公司 ) In march this year will launch JT ink-jet printing plates directly. VIM of JT is the concept of inkjet print material directly in drew, and show that this technique has attracted wide attention in the industry. The company first to market is polyester base plate, time to market is expected to March 2009; The aluminum version ready to launch in April. < / P > < P > the VIM technology company founder and CEO of '( Avigdor Bieber) And said: 'the show drew: we received very good effect, we hope that by the customer's final test can achieve better results. Since then, our technology has made great improvement, and in recent tests, our high rate of printing and printing quality have unexpected good results have been achieved. '< / P > < P > VIM company apply directly to the JT inkjet print material directly Epson StylusPro UltraChrome printer for plate making, using standard water-based ink. Plate without any treatment can use the computer after printing. If the roast version processing, the resistance rate will be higher. Than eberling see VIM's technology as a breakthrough, because other similar companies need to adopt special plate to plate making, ink and this plate is not required. In addition, the printing enterprise also can use the same printer as do plate making, proofing and therefore won't have any different between sample and plate. < / P >
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