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Uv printer output image is not enough light solution _UV printer _ market dynamics

by:Arojet     2021-05-12
Takeaway: in UV printer printing process, the operator found no modified pattern editing process, ink is not changed, the same nozzle condition is also good, but in the printed image is not enough light, the feeling of very dark, that's what went wrong? The effect of uv printer curve is in proportion to the deployment of color, the image of the uv printer output in accordance with the specified requirements reduction. When people set up operation after printing precision, PASS way, there is a small set is to get the curve behind dark part of the lower value. If the value of the dark is too high, will reduce the final design and bright effect. It is important to note that different material due to pervious to light, the light type, the curve of the dark with the same Settings in different material will have normal color, some lack of bleak, which requires technical personnel of the corresponding experience. Uv printer output image is not enough light solution: increase rising behind the curve Angle in color software can solve the problem. Specific rise Angle value to technical personnel according to the customer actual design debugging, the situation of the color can only to reach the required standards. In addition, sometimes the uv printer output image suddenly becomes weak, the reasons for this problem but there are three, according to the practical experience for many years, now provide some methods, help you to solve the problem encountered in the actual. Reason one: on the printing ink volume is too low, usually uv printer image control software, there will be 40%, 60%, 80%, 100%, such as different ink output control. Operators such as inadequate experience, will amount to 100% of the ink with 80% amount of ink to print, it will cause the output image is lighter. Solution is to improve the ink quantity. Reason 2: print the low PASS different PASS printed pattern is different, color and precision are usually smaller objects in some material, with high PASS for printing, so that we can make design clarity, color rich; If it is a large-format printing, can choose low PASS for printing. This requires technical personnel according to the practical experience, for different materials PASS the Settings of the print. Reason 3: the influence of material substrates itself transparency, gloss, smoothness and other characteristics can affect the final uv printing effect, causing the output image some light, some deeper. In addition to the visual error to the naked eye, some material have adsorption on ink, some material is dissolved for ink. For example, in the conventional acrylic painting on the printing design, you just need to 80% the amount of ink, uv printer slightly more can cause deep image. All these need the UV printer technology are technician in actual printing, continuously accumulate experience, can better solve these problems.
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