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UV labeling equipment combined with multi-process printing production line


The physical label is a brief sign used to indicate the item's name, weight, volume, use, etc., with traditional printed labels and modern ink-printed labels. High-quality UV labeling equipment combined For the new solutions required by the label and bill industry, Anojie has become an expert in the coding industry.

The UV label printing equipment sold by Anojie can be coded on paper, self-adhesive, metal foil, plastic, film and other substrates. It can be solidified and shaped, feels touched, and the quality is stable. It can meet the different production of packaging companies. Demand, according to customer requirements to print different combinations of color numbers, barcodes, two-dimensional code to play a good anti-counterfeiting effect. The label coding equipment can print high-density two-dimensional code, with large information capacity, wide coding range, strong fault tolerance, error correction function, high decoding reliability, and can be introduced into an encryption facility with low cost. Easy to operate and durable.

The combination of multiple processes combines the advantages of various printing processes with the printer. This combination printing method can ensure the product's coded effect to a large extent, thus satisfying people's growing sense of true and false products. Requirements also promote the efficiency of the printing plant and bring more resources to it. The packaging manufacturer uses the combination of UV labeling equipment and the pre-printing process of the production line to complete the direct labeling of the product or packaging at one time, and comprehensively improve production efficiency and reduce costs.

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