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Label coding equipment has a large application space


The wide application of labels and the continuous development of label varieties have driven the development of label printing technology.With the development of the economy, the use of labels on commodities has driven the rapid development of the label printing industry.At present, China's label printing technology and label coding equipment have made great breakthroughs in independent innovation, which has greatly promoted the development of the label printing industry. In addition, the demand for the packaging industry and the anti-counterfeiting industry has increased dramatically, and the label printing market has maintained The momentum of sustained high growth.

A label is a printed matter used to mark the classification or content of a target. It is also used to display and explain the relevant information of the product, so that it is easy to see the contents of the product at a glance, and it is convenient for consumers to locate and search. For example, the 2D code label inkjet printers in the food industry market demand is The supply label printing equipment solution.Today,I recommended the Anojie brand UV inkjet printer, suitable for printing on the label machine, can spray production date, batch number, Chinese and English, supervision code, barcode, two Dimensional code, etc., can be applied with a variety of materials, not only has strong anti-chaos, anti-alcohol, but also traceable.

With the digitizing of the industry and the continuous improvement of the level of intelligence, intelligent factors are embedded in it, and the development of intelligence has brought about tremendous changes in the label and packaging industry. The era of intelligence is already on the road, and the future is developing too fast. If the enterprise does not make substantial progress on the intelligent road, it will eventually lose market competitiveness. The label coding equipment is currently developing rapidly in the market, producing high-quality, high-tech anti-counterfeiting. Labels are the responsibility of the printing company and a prerequisite for profit.

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