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Acquire a 2D Code Label Printer, Gain Good Reputation


The label is a brief sign for indicating the product name, weight, volume, use and other production information. The use of the label is relatively wide, which naturally drives the rapid development of the label printing industry. With the implementation of Industry 4.0 and the call of Made in China 2025, the need for products anti-counterfeiting and traceability has boomed. Many businesses use high-quality 2D code label inkjet printers to provide new solutions for the label and receipt industry. That's where it comes One Object One Code  and the code printing machine became the important equipment for labeling packaging.

A variety of printing techniques are combined to meet the growing printing requirements, improve the printing quality of the printing house, and bring more resources. The two-dimensional code label inkjet printer can improve production efficiency and reduce cost. The pre-press and post-printing processes are completed in one go, greatly reducing the cost. The machine is widely used around the world to meet the changing needs of labeling. Nowadays, the 2D code label inkjet printer not only improves production efficiency and saves cost, but also continues to develop stably in the market. In response to market demand, Arojet, a marking machine, with a successful history in the field of labeling, has developed a code inkjet printing machine - C2 - which specializes in printing variable data information. This code inkjet printing equipment has gained a good reputation on the market.

The C2 2D code label inkjet printer, low cost, high efficiency, is the perfect code printing solution. It increases the added value of the product and meets the requirements of the era of big data. Additionally equipped with LED UV curing lamp, the printing content can be solidified quickly. Built with a water-cooling device, the ultra-low temperature is realized to achieve energy saving, efficiency improvement and no emission of irritating gases. The coding equipment can be installed on the platform of Feida paper feeding platform, laminating equipment, capping arranging machine, capsule machine, pager, labeling machine, etc., and is a convenient and efficient code printing solution for customers.

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