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UV inkjet technology of UV label printing system

by:Arojet     2021-07-27
How to choose a UV label printing system and which printing system to use is the first problem facing traditional label printing companies. UV label inkjet system based on UV inkjet technology and dry toner technology (usually used in electrostatic digital printers) is a more common choice, but the two are suitable for different label application scenarios due to different printing principles and characteristics. . Food labeling is a special application because it must strictly comply with food safety regulations and require high image quality. In terms of food safety, dry toner technology has advantages over other printing methods in terms of anti-migration and chemical composition health. For beverage label printing, both dry toner and UV inkjet are suitable according to the application. Cosmetic labels are mainly printed with synthetic materials, such as white or transparent polypropylene or polyethylene. Both dry toner and UV inkjet ink are suitable. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Anti-counterfeiting labels for medicines can realize a series of links from production to sales of medicines. The information management of the company has functions such as anti-counterfeiting, traceability, logistics information and counterfeit information feedback of medicines. The UV label coding system requires easy identification and difficult to imitate. Therefore, in addition to high-resolution printing effects, pharmaceutical anti-counterfeiting labels often need to add special elements, such as microforms, anti-counterfeiting shading, etc. Some substrates are certified special materials. Dry toner technology is a direct contact printing method. Compared with non-contact printing UV ink, it is more suitable for the extremely fine text and graphic processing requirements of pharmaceutical anti-counterfeiting labels.
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