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UV inkjet printer: uniform inkjet, high frequency of use, wide range of applications

by:Arojet     2021-07-22
As a newly upgraded equipment, UV inkjet printers have a relatively large change in performance from traditional inkjet printers. Both the uniformity of inkjet and the time of use have been greatly improved. Therefore, people often use it for the date spraying on food packaging and the date printing on some other commodities. So in which industries can UV inkjet printers be used? 1. Food industry UV inkjet printers are widely used in the food industry, including not only the food in the supermarket but also the usual salt, milk and other products. As long as it is food that people can eat and needs to be packed in bags, the inkjet printer needs to be used to print some handwriting and the product's production date and other parameters. Second, the daily necessities industry Of course, because some daily necessities in life are also products with relatively large consumption, UV inkjet printers are often used by people in the daily necessities industry. For these daily necessities, it is usually necessary to have a certain understanding of the product specifications before inkjetting, because the service and quality of the UV inkjet printer is good, and the barcode of the product is sprayed when spraying. Third, the building materials industry can know from the introduction of UV inkjet printers that the building materials industry is also an area often used in design. For building materials products, it is also necessary to use inkjet printers to spray some fonts. Of course, because the specifications of building materials products are different, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the specifications of the printer are suitable when using the equipment for coding. When the equipment matches the building materials products, the equipment can exert a better spraying effect. These are some of the industries used by UV inkjet printers. One is the food industry. This type of industry has a diverse range of products. As long as the packaging bags of edible items need to be coded. The second is the daily necessities industry. Because the consumption of daily necessities is relatively large, good quality coding equipment is also needed. The third is the building materials industry. Building materials have different specifications, so you need to pay attention to the model of the equipment when using the equipment.
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