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UV inkjet printer, anti-counterfeiting technology function brings security to enterprise products

by:Arojet     2021-07-22
Like the beverages we drink in our lives, the cosmetics we use, the snacks we eat, etc., all have a barcode of our own. And these barcodes that represent their identities can be realized by UV inkjet printers, and UV inkjet printers are also a very popular coding device in recent years. Favored by major companies, what convenience and benefits can it bring to companies? Next we can take a look! What convenience can UV inkjet printers bring to enterprises? 1: The function of the UV inkjet printer can not only make the production date clear, but also track potential problems and prevent counterfeiting. It plays an important role in preventing counterfeiting, and it can be said that it plays an important role in the food industry. :2: Every commodity basically has a production batch number. UV inkjet printers can indicate the anti-counterfeiting number, manufacturer's name, specifications, etc. on the product, especially for certain foods, batch number production date inkjet printers. Such as direct printing on product packaging, manufacturers and users can more intuitively understand the production date and shelf life of the food, so that customers can choose to buy products that they are satisfied with. 3: UV inkjet printers are mainly concentrated in beverage, beer, mineral water, cosmetics and other industries, but also involve wire and cable, building materials and other industries. The emergence of UV inkjet printers with variable data anti-counterfeiting traceability, the realization of one item, one code, makes the market more secure. After all, the effective anti-counterfeit traceability function can prevent the appearance of counterfeit products and anti-crossing goods. Nowadays, the technology of UV inkjet printer is becoming more and more mature. Its development can be said to have swept across different industries. Therefore, it occupies a very important role in product marketing and product development. Nowadays, it is the era of two-dimensional code marketing, which requires anti-counterfeiting variable data two-dimensional code technology. Guangzhou Jiangwei inkjet printer manufacturer has more than ten years of coding experience. It can provide perfect solutions for code assignment in different industries. In addition, the UV inkjet printer developed is much more cost-effective than other brands! If you need this, you can contact Guangzhou Jiangwei directly.
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