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Using supporting equipment, the inkjet printer is like a god

by:Arojet     2021-07-26
Since the birth of inkjet printers, they have been developing in the direction of fully automatic production. With the development of modern productivity, production machines are also developing in the direction of intelligence. Although the inkjet printer is not fully intelligent up to now, using some commands and supporting equipment can also make the inkjet printer work better and present the style of automated production machinery.

The printer itself is a tool for marking the surface of the product. The modern production line has many types and large quantities of products. The main function of the external device is to detect the products passing through the nozzle department of the inkjet printer, and leave the desired mark in the fixed position of the product. Therefore, only when the detected equipment is connected with the signal of the inkjet printer, the inkjet printer can accurately execute the inkjet commands one time at a time. At the same time, we don't have to worry about the occurrence of missing logos on the product.

The demand for meter counting can also be successfully completed with the assistance of the inkjet printer. In some industries, the meter counting requirements are very high. In addition to the built-in meter counting special configuration, the inkjet printer can also assist in the work with meter counters and other supporting equipment, which greatly reduces the possibility of product metering errors.

There are many supporting equipment for inkjet printers, some conveying equipment, paging equipment, and inkjet printers in various industries, and the perfect effect of inkjet printers and fully automatic working methods also complement each other. .


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