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Use the potential function of the inkjet printer to create a simple and applicable anti-counterfeiting mark

by:Arojet     2021-09-21
In Baidu Encyclopedia, the definition of anti-counterfeiting is that anti-counterfeiting refers to a measure taken proactively to prevent counterfeiting as a means to imitate, copy or counterfeit and sell other people's products without the permission of the trademark owner. In the general definition, factories or companies will be counterfeited by bad manufacturers because of good product sales or certain advantages. Anti-counterfeiting is not only the work that big brands need to do, some relatively important brands are also frequently plagued by counterfeit products. How to tell that it is a counterfeit product at a glance is a headache for many manufacturers' market inspectors. Technologies such as laser tags-searchable digital anti-counterfeiting tags-to QR code anti-counterfeiting not only require a certain amount of investment, including software systems and hardware systems, but also cumbersome verification methods. The editor now introduces a set of simple and practical coding and anti-counterfeiting methods. Method 1: Many brands of inkjet printers have unique self-editing functions. For example, Domino inkjet printers have the function of editing their own trademark patterns. When editing their own trademark patterns, intentionally missing 2 ink dots at a certain position on the left or right of the trademark, counterfeiters will generally mistakenly believe that the printer is malfunctioning and re-edit the complete trademark. You can also put a fascinating array on the counterfeiter, using the defective trademark on the left for a single month, and using the defective trademark on the right for two months. Combining the above two points, as long as you see the trademark on the product, the manufacturer can initially determine whether it is a counterfeit product. . Method 2: When editing the content of the inkjet information, do not use the standard font, whether it is Chinese or English letters or numbers, but use a certain character required for pattern editing, and when editing the pattern, make this character deliberately different from the standard character The same, that is, it is often said to make secret notes, and even arrange multiple secret notes in a message, so that even if the counterfeit buys the same inkjet printer, they cannot achieve exactly the same marking content. If method one and method two are combined and adopt a regular change that only oneself knows, then after seeing the product, the authenticity can be immediately distinguished. This method does not add additional costs to the user, but only uses the potential functions of the existing inkjet printer.
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