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Use packaging content inkjet printers to consolidate corporate goals

by:Arojet     2021-08-02
Packaging refers to bags or boxes used for various supplies or food. It is obviously packaged and widely used in daily life and industrial production. It is inseparable from all commodities. In order to meet market demand, the packaging content inkjet printer developed and produced by Arnoldjet is not only fast, but also highly efficient. It adopts industrial-grade on-demand piezoelectric inkjet technology, patented nozzle structure design, safe software guarantee technology, Unique ink circuit control technology and other advantages have been popularized in packaging labels in various industries. The inkjet printer is a high-tech product that involves multiple scientific fields. The working principle of the inkjet printer is the same, but the technology of each machine has its own ink system, inkjet printing system, software control, and electronic system. Different or slightly different. The stability of the equipment ensures that the production can work in an orderly manner. It is also an effective way to reduce production costs and improve efficiency. The stability of the packaging box inkjet printer has always been our core competitiveness; high-end equipment printing speed, in the industry A benchmark in a high position. The domestic cost-effective variable content inkjet printing solution, high speed and fast, with a wide range of materials, packaging manufacturers use inkjet printers to improve content identification, establish a good product appearance and beautify, and can be configured in rotary printing machines, sheet paper machines and other equipment It supports 24-hour continuous production. Inkjet printers have a patented printing data algorithm to improve the utilization rate of nozzles, high-precision negative pressure control of ink supply, reduce production costs, improve work efficiency, consolidate the industry’s progress goals, and provide users with cost-effective products Strengthen business backing.
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