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Use inkjet printers in special environments

by:Arojet     2021-07-24
Inkjet printers are generally used at room temperature to print codes on products with dry surfaces. Of course, with the development of productivity, the environment and working conditions that inkjet printers need to deal with will become more and more, becoming more and more complicated. It is necessary for inkjet printers to find the corresponding fulcrum on their own technology and product identification requirements. To complete the marking task of the printer.

Generally, in a complex environment, it may be that the product needs to be coded by the printer immediately after the high temperature, or the product needs to enter the high temperature environment immediately after the code is coded. These conditions will put forward higher requirements for the ink of the inkjet printer. Under the current conditions, the inkjet printer can also be competent for these tasks and needs to be adapted in the actual use of the product.

Corresponding to the low-temperature environment, the general low-temperature environment is usually the storage environment of the product. It is necessary to ensure the effect of product labeling, and the selection of ink is very important.

There is also a requirement for alcohol resistance. The label of this product needs to be passed through or soaked in alcohol. Since ordinary inks can be cleaned with alcohol, that is to say, alcohol will react, and alcohol-resistant inks require special blending. In this case, you must communicate with the manufacturer in time when choosing a printer, otherwise it will affect the logo. Effect.


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