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Unparalleled high-precision coding equipment is the weapon of new technology


The application of coding identification technology is widely used in various industries, the complexity of application is greatly increased, and anti-counterfeiting is indispensable. This makes the identification an indispensable part of the industry's production, so that the high-precision coding equipment can also satisfy the user's enterprise. demand. The so-called one object and one code is the unique identification and full tracking of the variable two-dimensional code printed by the coding system, which can ensure the whole process monitoring from the factory to the customer, so that the source can be checked, the direction can be traced, and the responsibility can be investigated.

X1 is a high-precision coding equipment, which meets the requirements of high printing precision on the market. Ricoh 600DPI industrial nozzle is used to make the printing content more precise. The nozzle frequency theory is up to 300kz, 600DPI*600DPI data can be 60m/min. The large increase in production speed can be directly installed on various printing equipment. The packaging UV inkjet printer nozzle adopts grayscale design, and the ink outlet of the nozzle can be adjusted according to the software, and the different ink waveforms are replaced according to different materials of the customer's actual site, and the adaptability is stronger.

The high-precision coding equipment has a large-capacity negative pressure system design, which advantageously protects the stability of the ink path during operation, allows the ink path to continue to operate without affecting the printing effect, and is modular in design, easy for daily operation and maintenance, and more Intuitively let the customer understand the structure and principle of the machine, and also facilitate the installation and commissioning of the customer's field devices. Each row of nozzles is independently controlled, so that the alignment of each row of nozzles is aligned, so that the printing effect is finer.

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