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New technology packaging UV inkjet printer can improve product image


The vacuum ink supply system is used to ensure the stable and reliable ink transfer system and the long-life packaging UV inkjet printer. The industrial piezoelectric nozzle has the advantages of high speed, stability, smoothness and long life. In various printing equipment and offline paper-feeding platforms, such as commercial rotary presses, gravure presses, flexo machines, labeling machines, etc., a single nozzle with a spray width of 36mm-108mm can be used for horizontal or strong spray. Flexibility to meet a variety of typography and product needs.

The packaging UV inkjet printer is widely used, and solves the problem comprehensively in product packaging of various industries. The coding equipment brings great convenience to people to purchase goods, which greatly facilitates the printing of the product logo. Although the development of the domestic packaging machinery industry has become a scale, inkjet coding machine play an important role in packaging machinery. For the added value of products, clear and accurate identification is a standard method for identifying brands, and it is also a long-term The confidence mark for safe use, for the production enterprises to use the coding technology can improve the brand's market image and unified identification management, establish a good identification image and product appearance beautification.

Arojet is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development, production and sales of inkjet equipment. It has a professional service team to provide you with detailed inkjet printer knowledge and problem solutions before sale. High inkjet printers and packaging equipment, after-sales provide excellent inkjet printer technical services. Arojet has a variety of high-tech automated packaging UV inkjet printers that can be operated either stand-alone or in a wired manner. It consists of power system, negative pressure system, positive pressure system, main control system and rack frame, which is suitable for automatic printing. It realizes the advantages of automatic spray marking, beautiful appearance, high production efficiency, simple operation, high stability and high safety. It is a device that is controlled by software and uses non-contact method to mark on the product.

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