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Ultra-thin packaging logo, inkjet printers show technical advantages_Identification Consumables

by:Arojet     2021-08-02
Plastics and paper have become one of the important materials for small packaging. Due to the needs of environmental protection, these products have some qualities that can be degraded and absorbed by the environment and have become important product packaging materials. Packaging plastics and paper are generally thin products. For the need to be marked on them, you need to choose the correct product identification. These have natural technical advantages for inkjet printers, especially inkjet printers. Thin packaging can easily complete the marking and coding. The inkjet printer adopts a non-contact product inkjet printer method, which forms predetermined product identification content through ink splashing. When working, the ink jet nozzles of the ink jet printer are separated and sprayed with a little space distance from the plastic paper. Through this space, the ink jet printer realizes the deflection of the ink and composes every detail of the product identification. After the ink is dried in the air, it becomes a mark that can be used in the whole process of product packaging. What needs to be determined here is that the inkjet printer needs to perform effective identification in the selection of ink, so that the ink can withstand the repeated friction in the simulation experiment, and ensure that the ink can be effectively absorbed. In this way of working of the inkjet printer, one aspect will not damage the surface of the packaging, and will not cause bad product design effects. On the one hand, the shape of this thin packaging will not have damaging effects such as extrusion. Even when the product packaging is already shaped, it can still be completed by using the inkjet printer, which greatly facilitates the production of products and is beneficial to optimization. Product production process.
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