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Ultra-high-speed label printer is the best equipment for post-press processing

by:Arojet     2021-07-28
With the development of the economy, the wide application of labels on commodities has led to the rapid development of label printing and coding industry. Labels are widely used worldwide, affecting the global supply model. Labels meet the ever-changing customer needs and new regulations. At the same time, today's ultra-high-speed label inkjet printers can not only improve efficiency, but also save costs for the continued stable growth of the market. The combination of multiple processes is to combine the advantages of various printing processes, so this combined printing method can guarantee the printing effect of the printed matter to the greatest extent, so as to meet the increasing requirements of people and improve the printing quality of the printing factory. Bring more resources. The so-called ultra-high-speed label inkjet printer can improve production efficiency and reduce costs. It includes the combination of pre-press and post-press inkjet processes to complete the finished product directly and greatly reduce costs. Manufacturers comply with market demand, combined with successful experience in the label field, launched a new ultra-high-speed label inkjet printer (X6), the equipment uses Japan Ricoh fully imported industrial piezoelectric nozzle, the service life of up to more than ten years, using integrated The board design expansion module is more convenient, Gigabit network data transmission, transmission efficiency is higher, more stable, and the overall modular structure design of the high-quality inkjet printer is simpler and easier to maintain. It is an intimate assistant for a new generation of logo printing, X6 inkjet The code system is the first in high-speed printing, and the industry equipment has a place.
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