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Uh guano introduced digital inkjet label printing solutions for digital tide _ uh guano, digital inkjet label printing solutions, digital

by:Arojet     2021-05-11
Uh guano tianjiao digital inkjet label printing machine adopt on-demand inkjet technology ( dropondemond) , also known as the pulse technology, its principle is: will the computer graphic information into pulse signals, and then closed by these electrical signals to control the ink jet head, namely implement the graphic area or blank area on the substrates. Uh guano digital inkjet label printing solutions to market provides a concise and practical solutions, it includes tianjiao digital inkjet label printing machine, the day the color UV inkjet ink and system software. President of hua guang the introduction of the digital printing technology, relying on China's space technology strength, high precision digital ink jet printing equipment and consumables. Uh guano tianjiao digital inkjet label printing machine all adopt the advanced mechanical manufacturing technology and automatic control technology, the whole machine quality fine; The equipment adopts the advanced manufacturing technology, quality stable and reliable; Equipped with the tip of the technology, to achieve high quality printing picture; Achieve seamlessly between different tasks, significantly reduce the printing cost; The unique road cycle design: keep open, constant temperature constant current filter, does not plug nozzle. Intuitive, concise and effective human-computer interface, implementation rate of operation. Uh guano series including UV - day color UV inkjet ink 111 ( C, M, Y, K four color) , it is suitable for UV inkjet digital printing label making machine; 紫外- 201, special UV ink substrate adhesion liquid, suitable for glass ceramic substrate surface; 紫外- 301, UV ink special cleaning fluid; For inkjet printing user, on the technical performance can replace imported products. Uh guano tianjiao digital inkjet label printing machine support variable data printing, printing graphic according to beforehand setting in the process of changing, any piece of printed matter may be different from other printed matter, to the effect of every print with unique information, especially suitable for short version, fast printing, variable data printing, instant delivery, can meet the needs of customers personalized printing. Uh guano digital inkjet label printing solutions specialized services for label printing market, can be used for both stickers printing can also be used for ordinary paper and other printing film, PET a variety of materials. Can be widely used in packaging, electronic appliances, food, medicine, clothing and so on many fields. Whether you are operating is strong flexo/offset printing factory, or flexible convenient quick printing shop, uh guano digital inkjet label printing solutions is undoubtedly better starting point you towards the digital printing. President of hua
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