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Udaya - F m, the carton system implementation kit braille printing demand _ braille printing, printer, inkjet printing, paper boxes

by:Arojet     2021-05-01
Packaging can achieve all-round development, one of the important reasons is to cater to the needs of all mankind. There is a special group in the world, they could not see any visible things of this world, so they need special care of text. How to make with visual disabilities can see clear instructions on medicine? Must carry out PCS braille labeling work. A few days ago, according to the German printing media reports, the eu EN - 15823 law requires that all must be attached on the medicine package in braille, and binding on the braille printed on the box to make specific provision, braille characters on the package must be clear, easy to read as much as possible. To this end, the German global group creativity ( KBAMetronic) With the Swiss company fleet ( 弗里茨) Companies develop udaya - Dr Alex box system. New system implementation of braille printing requires the eu rules and regulations, the system is equipped with integrated free programming of ink-jet printing device, in offline mode in the folding carton and print on the carton flan braille. On-demand inkjet method, using micro valve will be made to print the UV light oil spray forming on the medicine package point of braille. In continuous flow, the UV lamp will braille point is in a liquid state after a few seconds to illuminate the hardening. Read on: according to the state food and drug supervision bureau of supervision and evaluation in drug evaluation center chemicals Dong Duo is introduced, the European Union has regulations passed in 2004, has been clear about the blind and visually impaired people the specific way of annotation drug labels and specifications, and revised the relevant guidelines in 2009, in order to ensure effective implementation of the provisions. Established in 2012, the United States enacted legislation, through 1 year time establishes work instructions, to ensure safety of blind and visually impaired people. From eu legislation level has been clear about the production enterprise is an important subject to ensure drug safety for the blind, all listed drugs except some held by the doctor, the blind are not exposed to prescription drugs ( Injection, vaccines, etc. ) Outside, all mandatory provisions of braille labeling, but you can adopt the form of organized by special drug production enterprises and people agreed. Specific guidelines have not been issued in the United States, shown in the bill is mainly for prescription drugs, and tend to be in the pharmacy link to take various measures to ensure the safety of blind and visually impaired people use. China packaging printing machinery network integration
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