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Two-dimensional code packaging inkjet printer to improve business efficiency is no problem

by:Arojet     2021-09-22
The QR code can store a wealth of product information, and it is not easy to be copied and misappropriated through encryption. The product information comes from the official release of the company. The query channel is regular and professional, which realizes the high efficiency of product information anti-counterfeiting. The inkjet printer technology is used in barcode printing. The advantages of flexible use, high efficiency, and low cost have played a great role in consolidating the image of enterprises and products, promoting product sales, improving work efficiency, and increasing economic benefits. Nowadays, two-dimensional code packaging inkjet printers can be used on packaging and spraying. Changing the QR code is a matter of course. The coding equipment in the market can fully meet the printing requirements of the QR code. With the application of the QR code, it is bound to promote the development of the printer market. Printing with UV environmentally friendly ink is a new trend. The coding equipment combines the advantages of inkjet printing technology and ultraviolet curing technology. It has the convenience of inkjet technology and the efficiency advantage of adhesion curing. Use QR codes The packaging inkjet printer buys imported equipment at domestic prices. The benefits of inkjet printers are immeasurable. A small two-dimensional code can have such a function and can store a large amount of information. If you use the company, it will be OUT! At present, the UV inkjet printer is a multi-purpose machine, which can print Chinese and English, barcode, database, electronic supervision code, variable QR code, Han Xin code, quantum cloud code, rainbow code, quantum cloud code, spectrum code and other content. The inkjet printer is your assistant, and it is no problem to improve business efficiency as a backing. The two-dimensional code packaging inkjet printer meets the international identification standards and improves the quality of your products. Industrial imported piezoelectric nozzles are non-contact printing and suitable for printing on single-sheet platforms and roll-to-roll flat products. The content is rich and variable. Real-time printing information can trace the source of the product and control the quality of the product. Arnoldage equipment has stable quality, more than ten years of coding experience, and individualized overall solutions. It can set up a matching high-speed production line, improve production efficiency, and have clear and clean marking effects. Information can be printed on multiple lines and can be directly printed. Printed on the surface of different materials, it is the best choice for large, medium and small entrepreneurs.
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