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Traced back from the source to eliminate pollution to realize printing green _ green printing, inkjet printing

by:Arojet     2021-04-28
Takeaway: green printing the wind has swept across the country, with the October 1, VOCs emissions standards introduced, printing enterprises to develop green printing more and more urgent, you can do? On October 1, VOCs emissions standards introduced, printing industry entered the stage of enforcement of environmental pollution control. Currently on the market has also emerged a lot of high-tech, environmental protection equipment to assist the implementation of the green printing production, printing, for example, nano green inkjet plate-making technology. Nano green inkjet plate-making technology by way of inkjet ink print directly to the version of the base surface, so as to realize the shaping of picture and text, in the base surface formed by area ( Oil-wet) , not by area ( Hydrophilic) The difference, after curing the form used in computer printing plate. Nature of the technology for the addition process, not only developing link to save material and eliminate the pollution development. And traditional plate is to light or heat sensitive materials coated on the surface of hydrophilic aluminum in advance through the light to imaging plate, photographic materials react pattern latent image formation, again to plate imaging, computer printing plate. Plate-making process will not need to wash the photosensitive material, so is the subtraction plate, plate making produces in the process of national hazardous waste list defined HW16 dangerous waste liquid photosensitive material, thus affect the environment and waste materials. There are two ways to solve the pollution from printing house: one kind is through the new technology, to produce printing from the early stages of production is not pollution; The other is a pollution before processing. At present in the printing industry solutions most tend to the latter, and inkjet plate-making technology, through addition process from development, from the source to eliminate pollution, help enterprise to realize the real green printing production. The Chinese press and publication, network
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