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Three ways to improve the service life of UV inkjet printers

by:Arojet     2021-07-22
The outer packaging of many products requires UV inkjet printers to spray some product names or production dates, so to a large extent, the frequency of use of inkjet printers is very high. No matter in the food processing industry or some building materials industries, inkjet printers have appeared. Therefore, it is more important to adopt the correct method when using the equipment, so what are the methods to improve the service life of the UV inkjet printer? 1. Maintain a good ventilated environment. Because UV inkjet printers often work with ink when they are in use, and the ink is somewhat corrosive compared with other solvents, so you need to take a good environment when using it. Ventilation treatment. In this way, the equipment can be used better. Because the corrosive ink can be scattered directly with the wind, it can ensure the normal operation of the equipment. Second, take protective measures for grounding. When using UV inkjet printers, you need to perform grounding protection for the equipment, because grounding protection can prevent static electricity from occurring in the equipment. If there is no grounding treatment, it may cause the appearance of sparks, which may cause damage to the equipment. Therefore, when using the equipment, it is necessary to ground the equipment first. Third, the ink should not be mixed with water. From the introduction of the UV inkjet printer, it can be known that the charging process is used in the use process, so you need to pay more attention when using the ink. Must not incorporate water into the ink. If other natural water is contained in the ink, the conductivity of the water will cause errors in the coding of the device. As a result, UV inkjet printers have some irreversible problems. The above are some ways to improve the service life of UV inkjet printers. One is to maintain a good ventilated environment, the ink in the ventilated environment will be well volatilized, so as to protect the equipment. The second is to take protective measures when using the equipment to prevent the appearance of static sparks. The third is that the ink cannot be mixed with other moisture. If these methods can be implemented well, the service and quality of UV inkjet printers will often be better.
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