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Three difficulties of food inkjet printers in the food industry

by:Arojet     2021-08-01
The three difficulties of food inkjet printers in the food industry. Inkjet equipment is widely used in the food industry. Food inkjet printers have become one of the necessary hardware devices in the food industry. Food inkjet printers also need to be continuously improved and updated. In terms of product quality of inkjet equipment, it requires low maintenance rate of equipment, fast printing speed, good quality, more content, simple operation and convenient maintenance. These problems have become the needs of inkjet printer companies. Set out to solve the problem. The editor of Arnoldjet inkjet printer talks about the three difficulties of inkjet printers in the food industry. 1. The surface of different food packaging materials is marked with high quality and high clarity, and the requirements are not easy to modify. Food packaging has a variety of materials, and the marking content is also diversified. How to mark different content on the surface of different materials with high quality and high clarity is difficult for the coding technology. If the code is not easy to modify, you can choose a scratch-resistant ink printer or laser printer. Using ink jet printers, the requirements for the ink are relatively high, not only to ensure the scratch resistance; at the same time, the environmental protection requirements for the ink are high, and there should be no pollution to the environment and food. Using laser coding technology, you need to choose a laser machine that can rely on multiple adjustments such as contrast, sharpness, and height to obtain accurate marking effects. 2. The food production environment has high requirements for coding equipment. The food coding machine needs to meet high temperature or low temperature work, and some food production is humid, pH, or dust, which puts forward higher requirements on the performance and protection of the coding machine. 3. Whether the food printer can work well with the food production line to build an integrated fully automatic production line is a question that many food manufacturers need to consider.
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