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Think _ Ink Ink to push the Ink management new system

by:Arojet     2021-05-01
Ink manufacturers ThinkInk with brand influence, has been committed to HP industrial inkjet machine manufacturing, special ink in ink application development constantly surpass themselves, to provide users with high quality, low cost of the ink. Recently, the company introduced a set of new management system of ink ( IMS) For mass mailing, serial number and barcode printing.

the new IMS system make full use of the HP 350 milliliter containers of machine design, greatly save the use of 42 ml small ink cartridges. Industry insiders said, the use of the system and the ink usage savings 30; 40% is normal.

IMS system of several new features to ensure that the HP inkjet machine to enhance the efficiency of production and profit increase, these new features are as follows:

when one litre ink storage before continue filling can print hundreds of thousands of address and number.

when in inkjet machine operation at the same time, to add ink to the ink storage.

when glassware, easy to observe the location of the container in the ink.

when ink warning lights, lights flashing easy to detect.

print size range of 0. 5″ To 10 & Prime; 。

it was not compatible with HP ink, including color ink.

continuous supply system in the process of user using multiple print head can clearly realize the convenience, IMS system control ink storage at any time to ensure that each print head has the ink supply.

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