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These points are necessary before the flexible packaging printing, you need to understand


China's vast land and resources, there is no need to say more about the population, the flexible packaging market is also quite large, especially the retrospective requirements and anti-counterfeiting needs to accelerate the flexible packaging printing to achieve a bag of variable data printing requirements, flexible packaging With its special coding requirements and processes, there are several issues that need to be addressed in order to find a massive variable data printing solution that is more in line with the needs of flexible packaging production. The first is the material adaptability problem. The flexible packaging materials are rich in variety. The substrate alone includes dozens of film materials, and the composite substrate is more complicated. The thickness difference of these materials is also large, for example, the thinnest single film is about 8-12um, and after compounding, it can reach about 80-150um. From the point of view of the printability of the material surface, the index of surface tension alone varies widely. There are single-sided corona materials, double-sided corona materials, and materials that are not allowed to be corona treated. The choice of surface treatment process must be carefully considered.

In addition to material repeatability, the types of soft-packed materials are also extremely rich, including three types: surface printing, medium printing, and composite printing. The soft package printing method means that the ink is printed on the outer surface of the package; the inner printing means that the pattern is printed on the inner side of the package and may be in contact with the packaged object; the inner printing composite means that the outer layer of the composite package is printed on the outer layer. Then, variable data assignment as a part of printing requires a reasonable integration according to different printing processes and flexible packaging supporting inkjet printer. Finally, the content of the code is still based on one-dimensional code, two-dimensional code and alphanumeric information, but it is more complicated because of two special applications. On the one hand, the imposition method of flexible packaging printing is more complicated. For large packaging bags, it may be double or triple, while for some small bags such as pesticides or veterinary drugs, it may be 6 or even 12, which is for the printing module. The flexible layout puts high demands on it.

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