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Flexible packaging supporting inkjet printer to improve the content of flexible packaging


In the packaging industry, flexible packaging has become one of the main packaging forms for shelf sales with its brilliant colors, rich functions and diverse forms of expression. The progress of the domestic flexible packaging industry has greatly promoted the development of food, daily chemicals and other industries. The development of the industry has in turn further stimulated the demand for the flexible packaging market, which has given the flexible packaging industry a huge market momentum. There are a wide variety of flexible packaging materials. The flexible packaging printing methods can be divided into three types: surface printing, printing and non-compositing, and printing and printing. It is made by using the flexible packaging supporting inkjet printer to make the packaging more noble and preemptive in the industry. Let your products exceed the expectations of customers.

Nowadays, a large number of domestic inkjet printer suppliers and accessory hardware suppliers have gradually developed to ensure the long-term stable development of the package content inkjet printers in the domestic industry. A series of technological advances from prepress and materials have made the inkjet printers become One of the main identification methods of the Chinese packaging industry. With the development of production enterprises, the packaging of goods is very important, and the content identification is also pursuing aesthetics. The packaging enterprises use the flexible packaging supporting printer to give the soft package materials the anti-counterfeiting and anti-smashing QR codes, and the equipment reaches high speed. High-precision, large-width, multi-nozzle seamless stitching combined into a single nozzle.

Exquisite coding or printing will make consumers realize that the goods are processed in a strict manner in the process of material selection and processing. Even if the price is slightly expensive, consumers are willing to pay. At present, anti-counterfeiting is becoming more and more important in many application fields. In daily sales, counterfeit and shoddy products will appear, and some may even be harmful to the human body. In order to protect the market, protect consumers and the interests of enterprises, enterprises must rely on the flexible packaging in the marking industry. The flexible packaging supporting inkjet printer has made its own products unique, and it is important to improve the anti-counterfeiting technology and improve the technical content of the anti-counterfeit labels.

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