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Use Packaging Ink-Jet Printer to Consolidate the Development Goal of Company


Packaging refers to bags or boxes used in various supplies or foods. The packaging is widely used in daily life and industrial production and is inseparable from all commodities. In order to meet the market demand, the package content inkjet printers developed by Arojet are not only speedy in operation but also highly productive. They adopt piezoelectric drop-on-demand ink-jet technology, patented nozzle structure design, secure software assurance technology, and unique ink-jet control technology. They are widely used to print packaging marks for products of various industries.

The ink jet printer is a high-tech product that involves multiple fields of science. Package content ink-jet printers work the same way, but the technology used in each machine varies in the ink system, printing system, software control system, and electronic systems. Stably-running equipment is a guarantee for the orderly production, reducing production costs and improving efficiency. The high-stability package content inkjet coder has always been our core competitiveness and our high-and medium-speed printing machine has become a benchmark in the industry.

We offer you cost-effective variable content ink jet printer solution. Fast and efficient, a wide range of materials for option. Many packaging manufacturers use ink-jet printers to improve content identification and beautify the appearance of products. The ink-jet printer can be installed in the rotary press, single-sheet feeder and other equipment. It supports 24-hour continuous production. Our package content inkjet printer uses patented data algorithm to improve the printing efficiency of the nozzle and high-precision negative pressure control of ink supply, reducing production costs, improve work efficiency, and consolidate the industry's development goals. We provide you with cost-effective products, giving your business strong backing.

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