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The world's first fujifilm inkjet printer printer in Scotland, Fuji film

by:Arojet     2021-05-01
A few days ago, Glasgow Bell& printing enterprises; Bain signed a landmark orders, the company is the first order for the world fujifilm JetPress540W inkjet printer. It is reported, this kind of color paper rolls ink-jet printing machine appearance is in last year's Drupa2012 exhibition, it USES the compact structure, single tower design, printing width is 540 mm wide. This kind of printer in the output resolution is 600 & times; 600 dpi four-color printing speed of 100 m/min, the output resolution is 600 & times; 480 dpi four-color printing speed of 127 m/min. In order to examine the inkjet printing technology, Bell& Bain executives visited fujifilm technology center is located in Brussels, but the tour become prompted the company decided to purchase the important turning point in inkjet printer. I didn't expect JetPress so fast printing speed, simple operation, we eventually decided to really is very simple. Use inkjet printer didn't boot up the printing cost and service cost is also very reasonable. We are very easy to calculate our cost of production. StephenDocherty说。 Finally, Bell& Bain bought fujifilm JetPress540W inkjet printers, according to the company's configuration, equipment price of 1. 2 million pounds. In order to ensure the normal operation, the current Bell& Bain's work is focused on finding the right paper. The company hopes to fujifilm JetPress540W inkjet printer after installation can also walk less detours, waste less paper. Yanzhao printing net
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