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The upcoming X1 inkjet printer four typical activities _X1 inkjet printers, digital printing

by:Arojet     2021-04-27
It is reported, Ipex2014 exhibition on March 24 - 29. Will be held at the meeting, the Australian Rapid XDigital company X1 inkjet printer came out four cult activities. Australia's Rapid XDigital company digital label printing machine will be in European dealers Impression Technologies of Europe company Ipex2014 booth exhibition, the X1 inkjet printer with Memjet technology available around years, Rapid company will hold the X1 four standard activities. X1 Rapid is the Ipex2010 exhibition, from that time on, the Australian production of inkjet digital label printing machine have been sold worldwide more than 250 Taiwan, a lot of X1 processing after the printing machine is equipped with, uncoiling and rewinding device. Has been recognized by the Impression of the company's sales manager RoyBurton RapidX1 and X2 will be on display in the company's booth, at the same time also exhibited RapidD2 composite machine, die cutting/UW1 decoiler and RW1 rewinding machine. Ipex2014 exhibition on March 24 - 29 ExCeL exhibition centre in London, UK. China packaging printing machinery network
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