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The three advantages of commercial color inkjet printer

by:Arojet     2021-04-30
Commercial color inkjet printer is the ink jet printer fast color printing and laser printer, print the advantages of low cost collection at a suit, specially designed for office printing ink jet printer. Color print quality and low cost of consumption demand is the enterprise office print, in battle with the ordinary ink-jet printer, as a rising star commercial inkjet printer with its obvious advantages. Commercial color inkjet printer three advantages: 1, lower the printing costs due to commercial inkjet printer USES a high-capacity ink cartridges, ink capacity of 3 ~ 5 times that of ordinary ink cartridges, because all kinds of/of ink cartridge can be replaced individually, single-page printing costs so lower. Great price, save the cost of become a commercial color inkjet printer is particularly striking bright spots. During the commercial printing, printing costs is a stable and continuous spending, in print application increasingly popularization and in-depth today, low printing costs could effectively lower daily work in the company's operating costs. Apart from providing high quality commercial color inkjet printer words and images to print effect, greater impact is to achieve the low printing costs and high quality printing of win-win effect. 2, pay attention to efficiency, faster business activities, so first request print speed. Compared to ordinary inkjet printers, commercial inkjet printing speed is attractive to business users. Due to commercial color inkjet printer adopted by the larger memory, has more nozzle ink first-class technology application, make it in the actual work of printing speed is 2 times more than ordinary ink-jet printer. 3, better ability to scale commercial inkjet printer with good usability and compatibility, such as: LCD liquid crystal display panels, embedded Web server to realize electronic management, such as support for additional carton/double-sided printing, optional built-in print server to achieve the real network printing, print load more month, etc. , fully meet the needs of the business office, and along with the growth of the business requirements and extend the functionality. Core keywords: inkjet ink jet printer related news: Drupa 2008, kodak level show lithographic ink jet technology show Miyakoshi Japan Fuji high-speed digital ink-jet printing device American firms will large-format inkjet unit into its HP inkjet printer manufacturers will acquire Israel Noel ( 努尔) He launched a record high color inkjet printer
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