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The Spring Festival is approaching, buy cigarettes and see the code number

by:Arojet     2021-07-24

The consumption of cigarettes is relatively concentrated around the Spring Festival. At present, the cigarettes sold in regular stores on the market are all supplied by the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration. However, for some high-end brands of cigarettes, the supply of cigarettes in the market is relatively tight due to the small available supply. Therefore, some illegal cigarette vendors take the opportunity to provide counterfeit goods to small merchants, restaurants, restaurants, and entertainment venues to entrap consumers. From the special rectification of the market before the holiday, there are still more problems in these places. On the one hand, small merchants and hawkers do not have many cigarettes daily and their business qualifications are low, and medium-to-high-end cigarettes buy very little from tobacco companies. On the other hand, counterfeit cigarettes have low prices and high profits, so they don’t hesitate to take risks and operate illegally. So be careful when buying cigarettes in these places. In order to facilitate holiday purchases, some local markets use anti-counterfeiting codes on cigarette packs. This kind of anti-counterfeiting code is sprayed on the outer packaging of the cigarette with two rows of numbers with a laser printer for anti-counterfeiting. The coded anti-counterfeiting numbers indicate: from which tobacco company the cigarette was purchased, when it was imported, how many quantities, and the sales license number of the business owner who sold the cigarette. This kind of anti-counterfeiting coding is characterized by one coding number for each business owner and one coding number per day. The tobacco company randomly prints and sprays the codes when they deliver on the same day, which can effectively prevent counterfeit cigarettes. Therefore, consumers must go to a regular store to buy, and must look for this anti-counterfeiting code. If there is no such anti-counterfeiting code, it is best not to buy.

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