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The QR code printing system easily meets the massive needs of customers

by:Arojet     2021-07-27
The two-dimensional code uses a certain geometric figure to record data symbol information in a black and white pattern distributed on a plane according to a certain rule. The current high-tech two-dimensional code inkjet system prints two-dimensional codes in black and white. , There are also colored ones. As the QR code application technology matures, the QR code recognition rate of smart phone software on the market is high. Domestic companies also attach great importance to the QR code port to realize information dissemination, product marketing, and sales management, reflecting the identification equipment Get the essence of code and highlight the mainstream of development. The two-dimensional code printing system is set up online to realize the product traceability, and when the code is found to be abnormal, it can be checked and eliminated in time to ensure the effective information query and statistics of each product, so as to realize the effective circulation of one product and one code. In the process of using large-scale automatic inkjet printers, the code assignment of products is always the most critical technical node. According to the situation, a full-scale automated solution is provided, and it is suitable for hardware equipment that prints QR codes on various materials. China has quickly entered the information age. The rapid development of science and technology has brought subversive changes to people’s production and life. From paper money to supporting mobile phone payments, smart phones have changed the consumption habits of Chinese people, and finally realized no paper money shopping. The times are changing rapidly. The product identification industry has enabled the two-dimensional code printing system to meet the printing needs of massive data in the industry. The manufacturer's more than ten years of coding experience can quickly respond to market trends and adapt to the needs of different users.
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