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The purchase of anti-counterfeiting inkjet printers turns out to be so exquisite, I don’t know!

by:Arojet     2021-09-22
The anti-counterfeiting inkjet printer does not mean that the inkjet printer itself can be anti-counterfeit, but it refers to the inkjet printer through the software function setting to realize the variable printing information, so that the product forms an independent ID card code information of one thing and one code. . There are many types of inkjet printers, and not all coding equipment is suitable for product anti-counterfeiting: 1. Small character inkjet printers. It can be applied to all kinds of common food, beverage and other fast-moving consumer goods, and is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, building materials industry, and daily cosmetics industry. In the past, it was more conventional content such as production date, expiration date, batch number and so on. With the popularization of industrial identification information technology, more manufacturers are willing to make the identification more colorful, realize the bridge structure between manufacturers and consumers, and make marketing more diversified and younger. The advantages of this equipment are high maturity, good stability, suitable for a variety of high-speed production lines, and faster coding speed; the disadvantage is that the resolution is limited, and the recognition rate of the two-dimensional code is not as good as that of thermal foaming high-resolution equipment. 2. High-resolution inkjet printer. High-resolution inkjet printers include thermal foam inkjet printers using HP ink cartridges and high-resolution inkjet printers with British Xaar nozzles, both of which can achieve wide-format printing, and the nozzles can be spliced u200bu200btogether to achieve large-format coding. For all kinds of carton packaging products or some permeable materials, using a high-resolution inkjet printer is a better choice, which can achieve a clearer coding effect. The expansion function is also relatively complete, which can realize variable database coding, variable barcode and QR code coding. It is very useful in the era of one thing, one code and the Internet of Things. 3. Laser marking machine. There are three common types of laser marking machines: CO2\optical fiber\UV. The principles of these three types of equipment are basically the same, except that the wavelength of the light is different and the suitable materials are different. The coding effect of the laser marking machine itself can play a certain anti-counterfeiting effect, because it can not be wiped off, can not be smeared, and the natural advantages of tamper-proof, in some industries, such as the milk powder industry, it has a wide range of applications.
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