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Wechat Qr Code Achieve Anti-counterfeiting Traceability


WeChat is not just a tool for people to communicate. Just like Tencent's promotional pages, WeChat is becoming a way of life. Everyone opens WeChat, not just to communicate and chat. WeChat is quietly changing our lives. . Now an innovative mode of implementing anti-channeling and anti-counterfeiting traceability through WeChat two-dimensional code provides a new path for enterprise development, management and promotion. Product anti-counterfeiting and anti-channeling traceability has become a necessity for a brand owner. Without these, how can a brand owner cope with the flood of counterfeiting, malicious distributors of goods, and consumer distrust? Your products cannot be recognized by the market and will naturally be crushed and eliminated by competitors. In order to maintain competitiveness, standardize management and expand the market,enterprises must realize their development in an internal and external manner.

The highlights of implementing anti-counterfeiting and anti-channeling through WeChat two-dimensional code are to build on the basis of perfecting products to expand the brand, promote the Internet, establish consumer fan groups, and monitor products in the cloud. Now that the user groups of WeChat clients Such a huge company needs to obtain consumer related information from it and conduct data analysis through this WeChat two-dimensional code food safety traceability system, which can better formulate its development strategy. Anojie Inkjet Technology Co., Ltd. has been able to integrate and systemize these functions to achieve the closed loop of mobile Internet for corporate brand sales. It has opened up the online and offline links of enterprises with two-dimensional code security labels, and all sales data can be reported. It is beneficial for enterprises to collect and analyze data. At the same time, opening the distribution system can allow brands to expand the micro-business market and achieve rapid brand growth on the mobile end.

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