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The positive significance of inkjet printers for production

by:Arojet     2021-07-25

Inkjet printers have undergone a major leap in technology and craftsmanship during their large-scale application since they were born. At present, inkjet printers are mainly full-automatic inkjet printers that can print logos on the production line as the mainstream, and other similar handheld inkjet printers are also used in a small range to meet the needs of later product identification. At present, the automatic inkjet printer is mainly used to complete the later identification requirements on the production line to achieve the functions of management and anti-counterfeiting. The change in printing methods is a major breakthrough. Compared with traditional contact printing methods such as pad printing or silk screen printing, the inkjet printer adopts non-contact online printing, which can achieve high-speed and high-efficiency, can change the printing content in real time, and have the characteristics of long-lasting and clear marking. For irregular surfaces, the conditions required to achieve logo printing are greatly reduced, which has a great effect on the cost savings of logos. Printing on films, glass, plastic, metal, paper, etc., can also achieve strong adhesion, The identification is clear. The inkjet printer has also made great progress in printing content. The printing content includes expiration date, batch number, pattern, trademark, count, shift, text, etc. The icons in it can be printed with more complicated icons edited by computer. Inkjet printer products are widely used in the production lines of food, beverage, chemical, building materials, pharmaceuticals, auto parts, electronics and other manufacturing industries. High-speed printing can reach up to 250-300 meters per second.

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