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The packaging QR code inkjet printer comprehensively solves various coding problems

by:Arojet     2021-07-26
Product two-dimensional code, you can directly open the pointed product display page by scanning the mobile phone terminal, so that the product information is clear at a glance, and the tracking information navigation page is displayed. However, the QR code on the product or packaging has become the top priority. As the main packaging QR code inkjet printer, it can be equipped with a support in the production line in terms of efficiency. The comprehensive interface can bring good external expansion support, and the machine can be seen It is a cost-effective and powerful ink marking equipment. UV inkjet is a new technology. The coding equipment combines the advantages of inkjet printing technology and UV curing technology. It not only has the convenience of inkjet technology, but also has the efficiency advantage of adhesion curing. It uses packaging QR code to print codes. The machine buys the equipment at the domestic price, and uses efficient equipment to eliminate inefficient production. Our company is not only a complete set of coding solutions for inkjet printers to solve fundamental problems, but also fast after-sales service; fully automated marking equipment, solving labor The high cost makes your business more standardized and your products exceed customer expectations. The packaging QR code inkjet printer is a vital part of the entire industry chain in the traceability system. Therefore, users have many requirements for the inkjet equipment, such as high reading rate of the QR code, clear and beautiful, clean, clean, Anti-scratch, anti-alcohol, etc. Our inkjet equipment adopts a stable inkjet printing system, industrial piezoelectric nozzles, all-metal design, gold-plated nozzle surface, high life, low maintenance, to meet the application of various fields, product diversification, to meet customers' various inkjet codes demand.
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