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The new love boehner M2 UV inkjet large-format printers available _

by:Arojet     2021-04-29
Recently, agfa company announced boehner love M2UV inkjet large-format printers, which is based on the agfa for, in the industry award-winning love boehner M series UV inkjet business card printing machine, printing machine based on providing is a fully functional, UV inkjet system used in heavy industry. Automation function make love boehner M2 large format UV inkjet printing new trend in the market. The unique vacuum control system to ensure the smooth transportation substrate at high speeds. Safety sensor can protect the print head when substrate height change, can prevent the electrostatic ionization article, in order to ensure a better ink titration. So that it can guarantee good print quality printing plant in nanjing, all of these are love boehner M2 standard, can deal with large quantities of production, rapid scanning drive has six printing head and 1024 nozzle map printing, printing speed can be effectively improved. Agfa large product line manager WillyVanDromme said: love boehner M2 is applicable to commercial printing, logo and photo lab stores, etc where there is high demand for image quality, with the development of the printing industry, high production UV inkjet printer yes option. Love John boehner M2 big medium width is 62 inches in hefei printing, adopted a new konica minolta 12 litres of nozzle, images can be printed out, a resolution of 720 dpi & times; 1440dpi。 Both single and double mode business card printing, printing image is very clear, can reproduce the details. In the eight one-way mode printing can present a photo output quality level.
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