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The necessity of remote control of inkjet printers!

by:Arojet     2021-07-31
The traditional industrial inkjet printer is a kind of mechanical equipment that needs on-site operation, debugging and control. For users who have not been in touch with the inkjet printer, if they have not mastered the working principle of the inkjet printer, troubleshooting, routine maintenance, etc. are all It was then realized through the guidance of the engineers of the inkjet printer manufacturer. Some simple inkjet printer failure problems can be solved by instructing the operator, and if the operator cannot determine the problem of the inkjet printer failure, then it is necessary to go to the door for repair and maintenance. Frequent door-to-door repairs and maintenance are the main factors affecting production efficiency and increasing production costs, whether for the user’s business users or for the inkjet printer manufacturers. In order to reduce the frequency of inkjet printer maintenance and make the enterprise users effective In order to solve the daily fault maintenance and repair problems of the inkjet printer, it is necessary to realize the remote control function of the inkjet printer equipment. The new (Oulance) F500 inkjet printer redesigned the communication protocol and protocol stack processing mechanism, designed and realized the remote communication data packet detection module, and redirected the local control to the remote end to realize the remote control of the local system. Then realize the remote control of the industrial inkjet printer. The inkjet printer with remote control function can know the usage and operation status of the inkjet printer at any time. When there is a failure, you can more intuitively understand the failure phenomenon of the inkjet printer, and carry out further processing to ensure the reliability of the inkjet printer. Stable operation.
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