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The many advantages of Fractalist inkjet printer!

by:Arojet     2021-07-23
A variety of graphic editing: to meet the special requirements of users for printing methods, you can directly mix and edit and print a variety of dot matrix text graphics, you can edit the printing anti-counterfeiting patterns by yourself, and you can import graphics and text printing through the USB interface. Environmental protection and saving: The closed loop ink circulation system reduces the contact with the outside air and effectively prevents ink pollution. No need to provide compressed air, greatly reducing solvent volatilization. Anti-interference: The integrated circuit design is more in line with the national conditions, and it can work normally in the case of unstable voltage and strong electric interference. Fully automatic cleaning: Fully automatic cleaning function, automatic cleaning when the machine is turned on and off, which effectively prevents clogging to the greatest extent and does not cause waste of consumables. Humanized design: full Chinese operation, built-in Chinese character library, fast information input, editing, storage, and recall. Simple and practical. Reliable and stable: The stable printing quality is guaranteed by the most advanced ink drop positioning and phase tracking detection and adjustment technology. Anti-clogging design of the new ink nozzle. The main components are imported from the United States to enhance reliability. Wide range of applications: inkjet printers are widely used in plastics, glass, paper products, wood, rubber, etc. , Metal and other surfaces. It is convenient to code irregularly shaped packages from any direction.
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