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The invisible ink printer that controls counterfeit and shoddy goods is extraordinary

by:Arojet     2021-07-24
Invisible ink uses the color change of acid-base indicator in acid or alkaline solution. In addition to the principle of acid-base chemical change, other phenomena such as chemical precipitation, redox, complex ion formation and catalytic reaction can also be used to prepare invisible ink. Nowadays, effective anti-counterfeiting methods are very popular, and its invisible ink plays an important role in anti-counterfeiting function. It achieves anti-counterfeiting technology. The invisible ink inkjet printer prints the required content on the surface of the object, and the manufacturer effectively controls the product. Ensuring the interests of manufacturers also protects the rights of consumers. The inner space printed by the invisible ink inkjet printer needs a scanning gun with a specific light during scanning to read the content. It cannot be seen by the naked eye. It can only be clearly visible under ultraviolet light (200-400nm), so it does not affect the product. The overall appearance of the surface is beautiful, and the anti-counterfeiting is very effective. The invisible ink jet printer can be used for product anti-counterfeiting traceability, safe production and storage, storage management and other aspects. The invisible technology with great achievements can be used to print content in food, books, tickets, medicines, cards, ceramics, invoices, packaging and other industries. Arnoldjet provides a comprehensive invisible inkjet solution to print content. The printing effect has become diversified, helping customers seize market opportunities and stand out in the increasingly fierce competition.
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