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The inkjet printing process power solar cells make printing, new energy

by:Arojet     2021-05-01
With the development of technology, electronic printing technology development. As the main digital printing, inkjet printing won a wide range of application for their own advantage. Recently, the Solliance using ink-jet printing process to produce flexible organic thin-film solar cells. Europe's thin-film solar cells related technology alliance Solliance announced on December 11, 2013, successfully used the ink-jet printing process made (flexible organic thin-film solar cells OPV) 。 Have the freedom to design the shape of the battery unit is a large inkjet printing, also can produce triangle unit and leaves the shape of the unit. In addition, the process is not selected substrates, so also can be used for roll manufacture process, help to low cost production OPV module. The OPV using inkjet technology, cascading silver on flexible substrates ( Ag) Electrode, high electrical conductivity of PEDOT: PSS, ZnO, and active layer, the high conductivity of PEDOT: PSS, Ag electrode, a total of six layers. Produced by the cell size is 1 cm & times; 2cm。 Made of this unit module is 5 inches square ( About 12. 8 cm square) 。 When making combined use of konica minolta industrial inkjet print head KM512 and Roth&Rau LP50 inkjet printing equipment. According to introducing, the manufacturing process of high temperature of 120 ℃. Solliance make solar cells in the use of the ink-jet printing technology, first using spinning coverage ( SpinCoat) The rule of law as the OPV. And then developed the layers of ink will not damage the lower ink materials, thus made the OPV. On the conversion efficiency, Solliance said it is not clear specific number, but said that in the spinning cover legal system make the OPV, implements the conversion efficiency of more than 75%. China packaging printing machinery network
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