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The inkjet printer is used for battery inkjet marking

by:Arojet     2021-07-31
A battery refers to a part of the space of a cup, tank or other container or composite container that contains an electrolyte solution and metal electrodes to generate electric current, and can convert chemical energy into electrical energy. There are positive and negative points. Like products in other industries, battery products also need to be clearly marked, so what problems do battery product markings need to solve? 1. The content of coding. The first thing that needs to be considered for battery coding is the content of the mark. Some products only need to print the product batch number and other information, then the ordinary small character inkjet printer can complete the coding task. If you need to print barcodes, QR codes and other variable information, then we need to consider the recognition rate of barcodes and QR codes. To ensure the product recognition rate, it is necessary to consider using a laser marking machine to complete the marking task. 2. Identification speed. We all know that the production of batteries is large and the production line speed is fast. It is difficult for ordinary inkjet printers to complete the battery production line speed. To ensure the coding speed and coding effect, only high-speed inkjet printers can be used. 3. Ink adhesion. If ink jet printers are used, then ink adhesion issues need to be considered. Many battery manufacturers still need post-processing after the coding is completed. If you choose ordinary ink and wipe with alcohol and other items later, the product will definitely have ink drop. Therefore, you must understand the battery when purchasing ink for inkjet printers. In the entire production process, select the appropriate inkjet printer ink.
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